What is BIM?

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) is modelling technology and associated set of processes to  produce, communicate and analyze digital information models for construction project life cycle.
  • BIM allows for collaboration, optimisation, higher productivity, predictability and completeness.

Why BIM?

  1. Lean Construction
  2. More effective communication
  3. Clash detection
  4. Whole life costing
  5. Time based construction and in-use simulation can be made
  6. Cost reduction
  7. Facility management
  8. Competitive advantages

What BIM Courses Can I Take?


  1. BIM Concept and Theory
  2. Fundamental Modelling of Architecture
  3. Fundamental Modelling of Structure
  4. Fundamental Modelling of  Mechanical & Plumbing
  5. Fundamental Modelling of  Electrical
  6. Fundamental Modelling of  Infrastructure (Roads & Highways )
  7. BIM Coordinator Part 1 : Setup
  8. BIM Coordinator Part 2 : Coordination
  9. BIM Manager 01
  10. BIM Manager 02


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